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Message to Families about Construction

Dear Families,

Due to continuing construction delays, Schoolhouse Development, LLC. reached out to a local construction company, Hubrich Contracting, Inc., that has experience in charter  school construction. Recently, during the bidding, technical review, and permitting phases, Steve Hubrich, the owner of Hubrich Contracting, began working alongside Schoolhouse Development discussing the possibility of taking over the project. As a result, Schoolhouse Development has changed builders. Schoolhouse will be working with Steve and the local team at Hubrich Contracting to construct our building to ensure that the project is completed on time for opening school this fall.

On a personal note, Steve and his team built all three schools at Voyager Academy (the middle school in 2007, the high school in 2011, and the elementary school in 2012).  So, this will be the fourth charter school construction project we will work on together.  Knowing that we will have Steve’s vast knowledge and experience in charter school construction, in addition to the local aspect, brings me great relief and security.  You can learn more about Hubrich Contracting at

I am including a picture of our new school design (see above). I am very excited and know that our school will be very special and beautiful!

Yesterday, there were surveyors and personnel installing erosion control measures before the grading begins.  I have been told that they plan to begin “moving dirt” within the week.   I have been assured by our project manager, the owner of Schoolhouse, and Steve Hubrich that our school will be ready to open this fall.

Later next week, I will meet with Steve to get a tentative construction timeline. As I stated in my last message, the worst case scenario is that we may need to start school a couple weeks later than planned.  If that happens, we can easily adjust the school calendar. My goal would be to get creative in adding the hours so that it isn’t a hardship for families or staff.  Potentially, we could go a little longer in June, we could add some full Mondays, take a day or two from Fall Break, a day from Spring Break, etc.   I have already begun to work on a draft, in case this happens.

We would like to have some sort of Groundbreaking Ceremony, even if it is after we have officially broken ground. Given the Coronavirus and the recommendations regarding large gatherings, we may need to have a small ceremony with a virtual component.

As soon as I have those details and a tentative timeline, I will share it with you.  Let’s hope for a dry spring!



Leslie Paynter, M.Ed.

Managing Director

Alamance Community School

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