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ACS Newsletter 4/12/2020


Dear Families, Earlier this week I met with our contractor and project manager. Given how nicely the construction of our school is progressing, they believe a September 8th start date for students is very realistic. Their plan is to finish construction by the end of August. This gives us two weeks to get the CO, move in furniture, and set up classrooms. Several teachers and I are finalizing a draft calendar for a September 8th start date and will present it to the Board for approval. As soon as a new calendar is approved, we will post it on our website.

My family and I took a drive out to the site today and as you can see from the pictures, they have been working very hard!! I also couldn’t resist having my picture taken in front of our beautiful sign. This week, construction will continue on the foundation, the installation of the foundation footers, and building the elevator pit.

Don’t forget that if you are doing “spring cleaning”, we would love to have any extra LEGOS, blocks, and building materials for our LEGO/Engineering class. Also, if you have children’s books (all levels) that you are no longer using, please set those aside for us too! Once we are able to resume normal activities, I will arrange a time and a place for collecting the LEGOS, blocks, and books.

Also, I have had several people contact me this week regarding the enrollment status of each grade level, if they are full, and if there is a waitlist. We have a few open spaces left in 3rd Grade and the waitlist for 1st and 2nd Grade are short, but growing. However, we do have a significant waitlist for Kindergarten. So, tell your friends and family that now is the time to apply for 1st - 3rd! Here is the link to apply:

Last, but not least, if you were offered admission for 1st - 3rd Grade, you need to accept the offer and begin the registration process, if you are planning for your child to attend ACS in the fall.


Leslie Paynter, M.Ed.

Managing Director



This week, I want to share another children’s book I love. Doctor De Soto was one of my children’s favorites and my husband enjoyed it too. This delightful picture book is one that the entire family, young and old, will remember fondly for years to come! Doctor De Soto was written by William Steig in 1982 and was a Newberry Honor book.

Doctor De Soto, the dentist, and his wife, his assistant, help animals, large and small, with their toothaches. He is such a great dentist that his patients never feel any pain! However, since he's a mouse, Doctor De Soto refuses to treat "dangerous" animals. But one day a fox shows up and begs for relief from the tooth that's “killing” him. Should the kindhearted De Sotos turn him away? How can they make sure the fox doesn't try to eat them once his tooth is fixed? Dr. and Mrs. De Soto will find a way!

Doctor De Soto Read Aloud:

William Steig was an author and an illustrator. He was an admired cartoonist and spent seven decades drawing for the New Yorker magazine. Later in life, he began to write and illustrate children's books. His 1990 book Shrek! was adapted for the big screen and won a 2001 Academy Award for best animated feature film.



Be sure to tell your friends and family that we only have a few open spaces left in 3rd Grade and the waitlist for 1st and 2nd Grade are short, but getting longer each day. So, now is the time to apply for 1st - 3rd!


We know that many of you are unable to access immunization records and school report cards due to COVID-19. As long as we can see that the Registration is in Progress, your child will not lose their spot. In the SchoolMint system, ALL documents must be uploaded before it will allow you to submit.

Once this crisis is over, we will get everyone to upload the missing documents (immunization & school records).

If you have been offered admission and/or if you have accepted, you need to begin the Registration Process ASAP!


Don’t forget to check our website and Facebook page for previous messages & more school information! and

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