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Message to Families about COVID-19 and Resources

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), many schools in the area are planning or preparing to close. I know that this is a very stressful time for students, parents, and teachers! Many of my educator friends and colleagues want to be sure that their students have access to high quality resources and instruction while school is closed.  However, we all know that nothing compares to the face to face direct instruction that our children receive at school.   I am including some good links and resources that I have found that might be a support for learning at home during this time. Leslie Paynter, M.Ed. Last night, on one of my Reading Facebook groups, a teacher posted this: High Quality Sites & Apps That Are Supporting School Closures with Free Resources: This morning, when I was reading a NY Times article, I found this blogger.  He is continuing to post updated sites, ideas, etc. for teachers K - 12. The link below has some good free elementary resources, in addition to sharing ideas about how other schools around the world are managing school closures. Last, but not least, one of my biggest concerns is that many children (and adults) are frightened. I know you might be unsure how to alleviate your children’s fears and how much to share with your children about the Coronavirus. The National Association of School Psychologists has developed this resource for parents regarding how to talk to children about COVID-19. If I find more resources, I will share them with you. Best, Leslie Managing Director Alamance Community School

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