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ACS Fall Apparel Sale

Our annual ACS Fall Apparel Sale ends on Monday, October 9. Don’t miss out on purchasing your COYOTE t-shirts, hoodies, and polo shirts. They also make great gifts! You are going to love some of our new logos and choices!! There is something for everyone!!

There was a bit of a mixup and one of the logo choices wasn’t included on the first site and because purchases had already been made, the vendor was unable to add the additional logo to the first online “store”. However, we have worked with the vendor and they have created another link to a 2nd “Store” with the additional logo choice.

So, staff, students, & parents can now order apparel from our TWO online "stores”.

ACS Store #1 has the diagonal logo shown for short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies, in addition to having polo/golf shirts for sale.

Here is the link to Store #1:

Store #2 has the "Creativity | Empathy | Excellence" logo shown for short sleeve & long sleeve t-shirts & hoodies.

Here is the link to Store #2: shop:

Again, be sure to do all your fall shopping BEFORE Monday, October 9.

Happy Shopping!!

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