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ACS Newsletter 6/14/2020


Dear Families,

This week, the roofers installed our PVC roof. The construction crew also began adding the brick on the exterior of the building and they finished the fine grading for the road behind the school.


On Monday, the state health and education leaders released StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit (K-12) which details how North Carolina public schools can reopen in the fall. We have also uploaded it to our website under Resources. I encourage all families to read this document.

I want to assure you that we are in the process of developing safety and instructional plans for the implementation of all 3 options outlined by the state. School this fall will be very different due to the coronavirus. Charter schools are designed to promote innovation and change, not just a different way of teaching. As a charter school, Alamance Community School can adapt more quickly, try new things, isolate and eliminate what doesn’t work and replicate what is working. I believe that ACS has an advantage over a large school district by having the ability to operate in a smaller, safer, more controlled environment. We have the capability to be flexible and quickly implement changes, if needed, while ensuring that we offer high quality teaching and learning to our students.

The 3 Plans set forth by the state for reopening schools are:

Plan A: Minimal Social Distancing – Plan A will be implemented assuming state COVID-19

metrics continue to stabilize and/or move in a positive direction. This is the plan where all

children would be able to attend school, however there are very specific guidelines and

requirements that must be put in place, such as taking everyone’s temperature before they

can enter the building and marking 6 feet of spacing on floors to remind students and staff

to always stay 6 feet apart, and limiting nonessential visitors and activities.

Plan B: Moderate Social Distancing – Plan B will be required if state COVID-19 metrics

worsen and it is determined additional restrictions are necessary. With Plan B, schools must

implement a hybrid model for learning that includes face-to-face instruction and remote

learning. For example, one possibility could be that half of the students attend school on

Monday & Tuesday, there is a deep clean on Wednesday, and then the other half of the

students attend on Thursday & Friday. When students aren’t physically at school, they will

receive virtual assignments and teaching through a mix of live and recorded instruction and


Plan C: Remote Learning Only - Plan C will be enacted if the state COVID-19 metrics worsen significantly enough to require suspension of in-person instruction and the implementation of remote learning for all students.

Governor Cooper has said that he will make a final decision about reopening schools for the fall by July 1. Once we know which Plan the state chooses, we will share the ACS plan for opening school.


I’ve noticed an increase the number of Registrations in Progress. This is terrific! As long as you are in the process of registering your child to attend school at ACS, they will not lose their spot. However, because we have students still on the waitlist that want to attend our school, we are rescinding offers after a family has been given an ample amount of time to begin the registration, but they have not done so. Be sure to tell your friends and family that they can still apply to attend ACS for the 2020-2021 school year. Here is the link to apply: ACS Application

Last, but not least, we have exciting plans for some live virtual “meetings” for families to

begin interacting with the ACS staff. Stay tuned to receive more information about these

events later in the week!


Leslie Paynter, M.Ed.

Managing Director



If you have questions about your SchoolMint account or questions about uploading records,etc., please email Jen Adler at or call 919-479-1442 extension 707.

Jen manages our SchoolMint account and is able to assist with your questions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you have been offered a spot for your child to attend, I strongly encourage you to accept the offer and begin the registration process ASAP. Also, make sure that you are contacting your child’s doctor and school offices to access their records for the registration process. If your child’s doctor’s appointment isn’t until the summer, upload all the other documents and in that spot, upload a picture of the doctor appointment date.

As long as status is "Registration in Progress," you will not lose your spot. We understand that it is still difficult to get certain documents and appointments and that many students will not receive a final report card until mid-June.



The Before and After School information provided by Genesis Athletics is on our website at: Before & After School Care. There is a Registration Form that you can complete. If you have any questions,

or if you would like more information, please contact Evelyn Kreiley at or at 585-738-7360


Be sure to tell your friends and family that they can still apply to attend ACS for the 2020-2021 school year. Here is the link to apply: ACS Application



This School Year Will Be the Best! by Kay Winters is a terrific book to start the school year as we talk about our Hopes and Dreams for the school year. In the book, on the first day of school, new classmates are asked to share what they would most like to happen in the upcoming year. Some kids' hopes are familiar while others are off-the-wall. Whether it's looking good on picture day or skateboarding at school, everyone's wishes are shown in humorously exaggerated illustrations. As the first day draws to a close, there can be no doubt—this school year will definitely be the best!

I believe that no matter what plan the state determines we must implement at Alamance Community School, if we all work together as a team, we will make this year the best for our students, staff, and parents!!



If you are doing “spring cleaning”, we would love to have any extra Puzzles, LEGOS, blocks, and building materials for our LEGO/Engineering class and classrooms. Also, if you have children’s books (all levels) that you are no longer using, please set those aside for us too!



The National Association of School Psychologists has developed this resource for parents regarding how to talk to children about COVID-19. National Association of School Psychologists


HIGH QUALITY FREE WEBSITES & APPS - High Quality Educational Resources and Apps

FREE BOOSTERTHON RESOURCES - Boosterthon Access Code: AtHome Boosterthon on Facebook


Don’t forget to check our website and Facebook page for previous messages & more school information! and

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