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Lynn Hilfiger

SEL and Instructional Asst.

Lynn joins the ACS team with almost two decades experience in the classroom. Her instruction in the classroom over the years includes transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, first, second, third, and fourth grades. Her experience enabled her to serve as Elementary Department Head for several years, passing ideas and all that she’s gained over the years on to others.

Lynn was born and raised in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. She moved to the Whitsett area with her husbands work seven years ago. She and her husband enjoy hikes, creating family adventures with their daughter and son, reading, and time spent at the beach.

Lynn is excited about her new role as a Specials teacher at ACS. She is eager to see her students learn more about themselves and become more grounded and confident. She loves seeing students connecting with what they are learning and then applying it in their lives.

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