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Evelyn Kreiley

Genesis Athletics, Owner

Evelyn Kreiley is the owner of Genesis Athletics, a youth programs organization in the local area. She has been a resident to the local area of NC for over ten years. She has taught for over twelve years in varying schools in NY and NC, six of which were in Title 1 Schools. She has experience from the primary level through high school as well as mentoring and leadership roles. She also has worked with sports programming for youth ages 1.5-17 for over 10 years.

Evelyn's true passion is children. She loves to see the sparks go off in their brain and foster new relationships and growth. Genesis was a brainchild that came out of her work with I9 sports where she would frequently tell parents this is her fun weekend job. She wanted a way to make a bigger impact on her community bridging in school learning with community in other ways. With this company she is able to support local sports programs as well as offer afterschool and other summer programs to help support local organizations and children. Evelyn has always been a life-long athlete and involved in youth sports programs, and community outreach throughout her life. When she is not running programs she is usually outside active at her house, either working in the yard, taking the paddleboard on the water, or playing with her animals. She enjoys learning, the outdoors, and travelling.

Evelyn is looking forward to another great year supporting Alamance Community School and some new adventures as well.

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