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Corrinne Surratt

1st Grade

Corrinne Surratt graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Elementary Education in December of 2020. She has spent the previous 13 years working as a registered veterinary technician, so education is a second career for her and one that she is truly excited about. She believes there is nothing quite as wonderful as watching young minds grow and seeing the excitement in little faces as they begin to learn they can conquer anything.

She believes her job as an educator is to create a safe, open, and loving environment for all students. By cultivating a positive relationship and making them feel safe, children won’t be afraid of making mistakes and that is where they can really begin to learn.

She lives in Mebane with her husband, two daughters, and her fur babies. She enjoys reading and being active. She has spent 2 years teaching kindergarten and is very excited about teaching first grade!

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